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Our events bring together civic engagement and election experts from across the nation to discuss the most pressing issues facing our civic square, and how to build a promising future.

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BIG10 Partnerships

We entered the 2020 election cycle knowing that America is deeply polarized and the elections have only served to highlight, not diminish, our divisions. But on campuses across the country, students are writing another story, one of constructive dialogue around contentious issues, including the elections.

Strengthening Civic Health

If all politics is local, then building and sustaining the foundation for a healthy democracy must begin at home on the University of Maryland campus, at the state and local levels and beyond. We're collaborating across campus, in Prince George's County and with the state of Maryland to educate and engage our future leaders.

A National Commitment to Civic Engagement

In the face of despair about polarization and the impact of COVID 19 on the country’s civic infrastructure, there is a growing groundswell of bipartisan support to reenergize national and community service and civic education.

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